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3D virtual tour
Photo/video & VR 360°
Photo/video & VR 360°

Air Drone Productions are specialists in drone aerial imagery and video, 3D virtual tours and VR 360° in the UK and overseas.


We offer an innovative, eco-friendly and excellent value for money alternative to the traditional ways of video making by using the latest technology.

Our professional and highly skilled team, consisting of fully licensed drone operators, cameramen and editors, will assist you every step of the way, from the moment of the initial consultation to the delivery of your final product.

We are partners of Matterport, the market leader in space scanning technology. Our all-in-one system gives realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that feel as real as being there.

click on each image to see an example
click on each image to see an example


We can help you to showcase your spectacular hotel or venue set in its stunning location, by combining drone aerial video with the 3-dimensional scans of your property.

At the time when the industry is fighting for maximum advertising impact to win every piece of business, you can be sure that a unique video or 3D tour will offer you an edge in an otherwise oversaturated market.

Everyone can benefit from this extraordinary way to present your property as its best. We work with accommodation providers like hotels, cottages, guest houses, inns, private residences and campsites. Various events locations for weddings, congresses and conferences, wineries, amusement & Theme Parks, Golf courses, etc.

Real estate

Whether you are an individual or a professional , the combination of video with aerial and indoor images and a 3D virtual tour offering an overall view of the property and its surroundings is a decisive asset on showcasing the property, closing the sale and getting more listings.

Moreover, the 3D virtual tour not only enhances and enriches the presentation of the property, but also is a guaranteed time saver. With one single shoot we can produce photos, a 3D virtual tour, 3D measurements with 99% accuracy, a floor plan and even a Virtual Reality tour. Your clients then do not need to imagine the space, they will experience it.

Business & commerce

Present your business premises (shop, office, restaurant, production line, warehouse) with our 3D virtual tour then enhance it with integrated information about your products and services to enhance your online presence.

Your commercial space, linked to Google Street View, will bring your customers into a new dimension, highlighting your brand and increasing your sales !

Art & Culture

Museums, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and art galleries are some examples where our virtual 3D tours are ideal for revealing the potential of a unique space encouraging the public and professionals to come and meet you. 

Expand your cultural reach by giving an overview of your exhibition, show off the space that your building has to offer, open the doors for the visitors which might not otherwise have the chance.


Aerial photography and the 3D virtual tours are great promotional tools for municipalities , local authorities and tourism offices wishing to share the richness of their natural and architectural heritage. They offer a unique vision of modern infrastructures and historical and archaeological sites to showcase and reveal the little known and hidden treasures.


To accurately record the location of an unfortunate event in every detail, our tools take precise measurements and collect tangible visual evidence. Drone footage and 3D scanning are reliable tools for any insurance expert.