Drone aerial imagery & videography

Our drones make it possible to produce impressive aerial images, offering you extraordinary "eye in the sky" perspective of your property, venue or town. Videos not only help to reveal the grandeur and the flow of the place, but it grants viewers access to explore its settings and scenery in a truly spectacular way.

Our unmanned aircraft technology is a reliable and innovative solution that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

The use of the drones has several advantages, including excellent value for money compared to conventional means of aerial shots, accessible at low cost for a sensational rendering!

Our high-tech and eco-friendly aircrafts provides precise , manoeuvrable and responsive control (GPS guidance and position, obstacle sensor, etc...), extremely stable for high-quality shooting, making shots as close as possible to your subject of interest which are not accessible otherwise, while respecting the environment (discrete and without CO2 emissions).

Our expert team of pilots, cameramen and editors will immerse themselves in your vision and help you to create your unique video, by capturing aerial and ground shots in high definition 4K , processing in post-production (video editing, calibration, soundtrack), while using the latest top of the range professional equipment.